Author Topic: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?  (Read 43152 times)


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Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
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In relation to KimE's mail, she is clearly not from the UK where the law states that "The Criminal Justice Act (1988) says that you may carry a knife with a blade length of 3.0" or less so long as it is capable of folding and does not lock" -  so no fixed blade knives as an every day carry!! "Unless someone knows differently then even a 2 and half inch fixed blade may not be carried in areas where the public may be. or to carry out a specific job of work, where the constabulary has been given a certain amount of discretion, seemingly. (I have myself wondered about those sliding/locking blade craft knives where a 4" blade can be achieved?

KimE doesn't state it is an edc, just that they've bought one.  It is also possible to carry a blade either fixed or locking of longer than 2.5 inches in Public areas "as long as you have a valid reason for doing so"  (Freelance chefs for instance, travelling between engagements), as an outdoors person I frequently carry a knife with me on excursions, it's normallly carried  in the bottom of my pack until I reach my destination, obviously you'd be foolish to travel through public areas with it strapped to your waist or in your pocket but as long as you can prove a valid reason for having it about your person then there are no comebacks.
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Re: What's Your Latest Walking Kit Purchase?
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Yes we have a law in Sweden about not carry knifes in public areas it doesn`t say anything about size or fixed blades, forests and mountains are not counted as public areas. In the rural area i live in people are not so picky about it.

No its not an every day carry its for outdoorslife mostly cooking, making fire, skinning small game.
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