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Re: Every Autumn Photo Tells a Story
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The Jupiter thing is interesting. I'm not up early to see it though!


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Re: Every Autumn Photo Tells a Story
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Love this BWW!  8)

Thanks Sunnydale, Autumn is a time for reflection, and it was from a place not far from where this photo was taken I first realised just how much of the landscape Mrs BWW and I had walked over. The low light of an Autumn afternoon etches the many crests of ridges and hill tops, which lie between the most distant horizon. As I try to place a name to each, a route or memory pops into mind. I have only to turn a little to catch the bolder skyline of the Berwyn ridge to see far fewer ridges, and know that within those bolder strokes of landscape there as less routes. Magnificent as they are, I can now thank a lifetime, which has granted me the time, to explore routes in areas, which will not attract the pen of those seeking to write up the best routes in Britain, because once you have walked all of those, what is left to do.

Talking of the Berwyns, I sometimes feel that I have learnt as much about them from looking into that lovely mountain range from afar, as I have actual experienced walking on them. Some of the places, within their bounds, I may not have been drawn too had I not discovered a curiosity from a distant view.

Appreciate the astronomy lesson PR, showing us the position of Jupiter with the moon puts perspective into the sky at night I would not have known.

My last walk in Attingham Park has filled up a large part of of my memory card with Autumn leaves, I found the Sweet Chestnut were catching the low light in a very attractive way, and Cherry leaves as well. Often forget how large a cherry tree can be in mature deciduous woodland.
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Re: Every Autumn Photo Tells a Story
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 The munro itch returned as I spotted high pressure settling in over Scotland, time to head north.

There is not a lot of light this time of year and there had been some big dumps of snow so I was looking at the more accesible hills, starting with the Crianlarich area.

It was gonna be cold, I did not fancy camping so I checked out the Youth Hostels, precictably all the hostels in that area were shut, what a waste of time. to the rescue, I was amazed that I got at B&B at youth hostel prices.

One June day back in 2005 I had climbed Beinn Alachdair 1038m crawling the last 50 metres on my hands and knees in a blizzard. I abandoned the plan of traversing the exposed ridge to its higher neighbour Beinn Chreachain 1081m drove south and had a BBQ that night.

Today I was going to ascend the normal descent route to Beinn Chreachain 1081m the temps were -7 at the start so everithing was iced up under deep powder snow making the ascent very difficult. I decided to take some photos with my compact, after a couple of clicks the battery died.

I flogged my way up to the summit and back in deep powder under cloudless blue skies cursing myself for leaving my compact camera overnight in the frozen car.

Back at the car I decided to drive north and take advantage of the weather to take some classic roadside photos. The final stop was in Glencoe, as I started the car a warning sign came up 'Remote imobillser battery failing'. Luckily it started so I drove straight to the auto electrics shop in Fort Bill just sneaking in as the closed sign was in hand.

Now the shops policy is not to assist fitting parts purchased so I replaced the battery and sat outside the shop in the half light with the car handbook working out how to reprogramme the immobiliser, got it third go!!!!!!

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The three sisters

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Aonach Eagach

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Re: Every Autumn Photo Tells a Story
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Thanks for the great photos. They are cheering me up on gloomy December days. Not seen any sunshine for 4 days and two foggy days are very depressing so seeing these photos are great. Nice views inside (on the computer) even if I can't see anything outside. Keep them coming please.
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