Author Topic: Karrimor Alpiniste Rucksacks - FOR SALE or SWAP/DONATION or just information  (Read 4910 times)

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Good to hear from you jcluddite.
I found your web site a few years ago (probably 2016) when I first wrote this post.
I much admire what you do, both in keeping good designs alive and in keeping the hand-made spirit alive & well.
Since writing that post my condition has worsened and I have to admit now having a small but select collection of decent Karrimor Joe Brown/Alpiniste (Dougal Haston versions) and Vallot rucksacks. Not to mention the orange Don Whillans  :-[ In my defence I did sell off a good number of other rucksacks to keep the overall numbers 'reasonable'. Well, I may be a little sad but at least I'm not too strange  :crazy2:  And I have a 30lt macpac day-sac to keep me up to date (rather than totally retro).
My first was a Totem 40 - L framed rucksack, which I bought second hand in 1978 and used on a 10 day Youth Hostelling trip around the Lakes. I still have it, but it is a bit uncomfortable (narrow across my shoulders).
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