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After 3 weeks without a walk due to illnesses and appointments, 3 XDQers went to the Marriotts Way at Lenwade.  As I was delayed by my bus breaking down and both the others by the traffic in and around Norwich, we decided just to walk to the Whitwell and Reepham Railway Station, where hot teas and coffees warmed us up for the walk back. Indeed the whole path is based on the old railway tracks, so quite easy going, thank you Mr. Beeching.  I saw the fox just off the path, raised my compact camera and just got one frame off before he was away, unfortunately the autofocuss picked up on  the vegetation instead of the fox :( [size=78%]But that was the closest I had ever been to a fox in the wild, (knowingly).  It was quite dark as we got back to Lenwade.[/size]
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