Author Topic: What are your plans for 2017?  (Read 6989 times)


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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #45 on: 09:06:40, 14/11/17 »
I couldn't remember whether I posted to this or not - seems like I didn't.  ::)

Most of my walking has been in the Peak District this year and while I've covered several areas I hadn't walked before, these walks have been plotted at the last minute rather than been long-held "to do" ones. Shropshire has been a real discovery for me in 2017 but that was something that only really occurred to me to explore during the course of this year so it wouldn't have made this thread even if I had posted at the start.

I did do one walk which I'd been wanting to do since summer 2016 and that was a traverse of the Carneddau from the Ogwen Valley to Llanfairfechan. That was everything I hoped it would be, a fantastic (and LONG!) day. Saw lots of the ponies which was a real treat.

I also did Tryfan for the first time. That was a mountain I'd always wanted to climb but it wasn't exactly planned - I ended up doing it after abandoning my first attempt of the Carneddau traverse due to low cloud. Seemed rather pointless to traipse across them in mist and the Glyderau were relatively cloud-free.

Those were my only two visits to Wales and I've only had one visit to the Lakes this year. Bit disappointing but circumstances get in the way sometimes, I guess, and I've still had lots of great walking locally.

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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #46 on: 10:21:11, 14/11/17 »
To visit the Shetland Islands, but it looks like that will have to happen in 2018.
Ive visited all the Outer Hebridean islands, most of the Inner Herbride's, as well as Orkney, in the NE.
I still have not visited the Shetlands, so that's my next trip north.


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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #47 on: 10:47:21, 14/11/17 »
Well my plans for 2017 were more or less achieved and I completed the West Highland Way in July. Unfortunately at the beginning of October, whilst walking in North Wales, I had another suspected 'cardiac' incident and have now been 'grounded' by my GP and Consultant whilst further tests are carried out. Still hope to walk the C2C again next year but now it all depends on the outcome of the tests.  So .....frustrating!


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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #48 on: 21:36:48, 16/11/17 »
Nothing set in stone for me this year. I feel planning anything will just jinx my health. :-\

Loose plans would be;

April Lakes meet

Welsh hostel meet

Looking to camp and bag 30+ Wainwright's

A trip to Scotland

And really just see what comes up in between, possibly the WHW if I stay well  ;)

I made it to the Lakes forum meet

Welsh meet didn't happen

But still got some small walks in Wales.

Got some camping in during the summer.
With the planned 4 Wainwright's this weekend, that will take me to 31 new summits this year taking me to 109.

Made it to Scotland

But WHW didn't happen

Not a bad year for me  ;)
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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #49 on: 22:07:46, 16/11/17 »
After a bit of a quieter year in some ways, I'd like to think 2017 might offer up a bit more opportunity. Subject to dates being confirmed, in the pipeline are Austria, Norfolk Coast Path (again), more of the Camino in France and possibly Armenia or Georgia.

That's if everything comes together!  :D [size=78%] [/size]

Well it was a turbulent and disrupted year in many ways.  However we managed to complete the NCP again, and also did Austria and more of the Camino in France. Mind you they were probably booked by then anyway!  :D

Armenia and Georgia didn't happen, but to compensate we had long weekends in Poland and Montenegro, and also a week in Bulgaria, so all in all out was a great year!

I'm hoping that next year will be kerfuffle free and we can have an even better year. But more on that in due course!  ;)

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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #50 on: 22:10:51, 16/11/17 »
Well I started the post and we did actually end up doing Offas Dyke which was one of the walks we wanted to do.  It was that or the National 3 Peaks over the year, which will now be our plan for 2018.


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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #51 on: 23:14:48, 16/11/17 »
Same as always; More coastal walks (already got Anglesey booked for April), explore more new areas and naturally, lots of walking locally in the Peaks  O0

Might just throw in a trip to either Austria or Switzerland too, if things go according to plan 8)

Well, I went to Anglesey in April and Whitby in September, so did the coastal walking as planned.
I've arranged and led lots of walks for our walking group this year and although they were all in the Peaks, I've enjoyed designing completely new routes.
I didn't make Austria/Switzerland.....but I did spend 2 weeks on Skopelos, my first ever trip to Greece!
Really enjoyed it and managed to find a few good walks on the island too! 8)

Also on my agenda (but not mentioned above) was to walk 1000 miles again.  I hit my target back in September, so the miles I've done since and have yet to do are all a bonus! :D
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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #52 on: 14:27:58, 17/11/17 »
I assume you mean 2018? For me, I want to hike the GR131 across a couple of the Canary Islands before March. I then am in a real quandary, the GR20, GR11, the GR5, I just muddle myself up but I will work it out I'm sure. I fancy some UK walks up to the end of June, Brecon Beacons, up to the Lakes again, The Bob 'whathisname' Round looks interesting and of course as its 2018 I might go to Ypres on November 10th/11th? Last but not least I would also like to take a few days to walk from Falaise to Caen through the Swiss Normandy area, just the place for me to indulge myself in food and wine!


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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #53 on: 15:41:08, 17/11/17 »
I assume you mean 2018?

Nope, 2017. The thread was resurrected to ask if people had achieved their goals for 2017 or not.
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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #54 on: 20:46:44, 17/11/17 »
Sorry I was fooled by 'what are your plans FOR 2017'. I walked less this year mainly because my son was married in July and it disrupted the plans I had made earlier in the year. However I did managed to walk the GR4 France from Grasse to Manosque in May. The highlight of the trip was the Grand Canyon do Verdun, really stunning. Great food and wine! I hiked the Glendys Way and the Pennine Journey (I enjoyed it more than the Pennine Way in fact) and also did a few short hikes in the Lakes and Kent as well.


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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #55 on: 21:45:33, 17/11/17 »
Quite a few trips pencilled in for 2017 so far, walks from my youth that I'm revisiting amongst others.  On the to do list - Lyke Wake Walk West to East crossing, The National Three Peaks, Blencathra via Sharp Edge,  Helvelyn via Striding Edge, more of Hadrian's Wall  and am also toying with the idea of the Northumbrian version of the Three peaks.

Well I managed to do at least 3 of the above, Blencathra, LWW West to East and some more of Hadrian's Wall.  Have had some fantastic days out on the fells, slowly bringing my total of Wainrights up to 24.  More Wainwright's planned for next year, definately the National 3 Peaks and a Winter crossing of the LWW.  Out of the walks "planned" for this year was most disappointed that Helvellyn didn't happen, unforeseen circumstances put paid to two planned visits and a couple of Storms put paid to another two, there's always next year....
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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #56 on: 22:14:42, 17/11/17 »
My main aim is simply to do lots of walking.  I've planned many new walks in Sussex, a lot of them in the High Weald and the Wealden Greensand.  Where to go further afield I haven't decided yet!

Well, I succeeded in doing lots of walking. I did a lot of new walks in Sussex, among them many in the High Weald and a few in the Wealden Greensand. Didn't get further afield though!


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Re: What are your plans for 2017?
« Reply #57 on: 14:18:06, 26/11/17 »
As new walkers we hope to climb roseberry topping first which is a local landmark in Teesside we are wanting to do the Cleveland way over 2 weeks but I want to do it using a tent she doesn't  and I don't think it' practical in a tourer caravan and too expensive using b&bs. And I would like to continue walking holiday around the coast