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Hey there! Hm, how to introduce myself... I'm a late 20s guy in Manchester. Single, live with my parents, underpaid unsatisfying desk job, no clue what my passion is in life, lonely, blah blah.

I've held a dream in my head for years now ever since I first heard of it - of an AT thru hike, but I know I'll never be able to afford to go. The adventure, the sights, the community, the challenge, and of course escape from real life - temporary as it may be, tugs at me constantly.

Even if I could afford to do the AT I still wouldn't be able, I'm just not a loner. I'd need a partner. I'm not the best at being social and I'm generally considered odder than most, even so - I don't get enjoyment from doing things on my own. Going to the cinema, on holiday, or for a hike, all seem empty and pointless without somebody to share the experience with. I just feel awkward and uncomfortable doing things on my own.

So even when I found out about long distance hikes in the UK, specifically the lake district C2C routes, I was excited by the prospect, did research, and then waited. I know very few people, even fewer are my friends. None of them would have wanted to come on such an adventure. While I dream of excitement, adventure, and really wild things...they have mortgages and weddings and babies. I'll never understand their world.. But, I digress.

So, recently my best friend returned from a several year stay in Japan. Just before Christmas I laid out my plan, and asked if he'd be interested in being my trip partner in June. He said that unless something significant happened between now and then to scupper things, he'd absolutely love to come. So here's hoping he doesn't get offered another overseas job :P

That's why I'm here now! I have 6 months to prepare physically, and to gather the knowledge and skills to undertake the 11 day hike from Ravenglass to Berwick-Upon-Tweed. I've already asked you lovely folks for some routes I can train on and got some great advice, so I'll be starting on that as soon as I'm properly recovered from this flu!

I'm going to hang around here and read, ask questions and try to engage with the community. It's been years since I've tried to take part in a forum community, ha.

Anyway, so that's me. Happy new year folks, here's hoping this year's finally the year things turn round for the better!


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Welcome to the forum, Obinice - it's a friendly place and you'll certainly get plenty of support/advice from members.  O0


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Yes welcome to the Forum. From experience, I know only only too well how difficult it can be try to team up with someone to hike with. The people that I know (old(ish) and just 'waiting' to die) tend to want to stay next to their TV and sofas and they only want to book onto a 'safe' package holiday. Personally, I find it is worthwhile to hike on your own, for me I always hike with the intention and will make the effort to meet complete strangers. Apart from the walking, the eating and drinking, meeting with all sorts of people is part of the pleasure. One of the reasons I suppose, why I have no negative thoughts about immigration, I'm always interested in how other people live. If you are forced to consider walking alone, my suggestion is, certainly for your first hike is to stick to one of our National Trails, someone will always be behind you, in front, or will walk towards you.

Another suggestion which might be helpful at some point. I am often, at the end of a hiking day at the 'wrong place'! I may want a camp site, or am thirsting for a beer and a good meal, its then I find that hitchhiking can be a valuable way to make progress. Again, its a great way to meet new people. If you want or need to give it a try, only hitchhike from where the traffic is at its slowest, when the driver is pulling away from traffic lights, a slip road and similar places, never hitchhike on a fast stretch, they will not stop! All the best.


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Hi and welcome from me too.

Walking with other people is not always a bed of roses there will be constant compromises. You are looking for someone to walk with you even though you have never done anything like this before, it may be that a week in you either hate the experience or hate each other.
You really need to get the miles in on multi-day walks before you think about anything longer.
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Hi and welcome from the Peak District O0

Good luck with your adventures!

Tracey :)
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Hi obinice. I, like you, prefer to share walks with someone else and in fact finally this year I have a companion to do the C2C (but the Wainwright one St Bees to Robin Hood Bay).after wanting to do it for about 10 years.

I am gradually building up my training with walking, but also, because I don't really have any suitable terrain locally, with regular gym sessions. I know the gym isn't for everyone but if you can stand it, then it quite useful 'concentrated ' training. Its also something I can do at home or away so I can keep the sessions regular.

My walk is in May, so I started training very gently back in October. I have also just bought new boots, so that I have plenty of time to make sure they're worn in, something you might consider in advance of your walk. I haven't seen your other post so not sure what's been said but I'll take a look. Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy being here O0

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Hey folks! Brightens my day to see so many warm welcomes and advice, thank you :) See you around the boards  :smiley6600:

P.S Who decided that smiley above should have smiley6600 as it's text code, that is an awful code I'm sorry to say :P