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your best bit of kit
« on: 23:09:35, 15/04/07 »
Whats the best bit of kit you have.

Mine is my sleeping bag which i got to test out in doing my first LDP.  I got this for chirstmas as a present god it was so comfortable and warm that i had good nights kip.  Even in sub zero temps.   The sleepingbag i got was called the north face superlight Regular.  What would yours be.
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Re: your best bit of kit
« Reply #1 on: 13:59:44, 16/04/07 »
Top place has got to be my two walking poles, which I've used for a few years now.  They really do take some of the strain off the legs. Before I had them, I used to finish my backpacking trips in Snowdonia hobbling around for the mext three days like a bandy-legged seaman on his first shore leave for months, but that is a thing of the past since I've had them.

Second place goes to anything made of fleece. I'm old enough to remember wearing all wool items, which were itchy to wear, retained moisture, took ages to dry, either shrank or stretched, and wore out around the hems and elbows.  Fleece is lighter, seems to be indestructible, is easily freshened up in the washing machine and can even be worn straight afterwards if you want.

In third place I would nominate my Field&Trek rollup water carrier, which I have had for absolutely years and it is still as good as new.  Inside the tough nylon outer is a bag similar to those in boxes of wine, and I believe you can get a replacement for this if needed.  It has a clever rubber cap with a "tap" that you simply press with your thumb to operate, and in spite of its weight when filled it will quite happliy hang with a loop on a branch or stone wall. 


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Re: your best bit of kit
« Reply #2 on: 02:24:12, 17/04/07 »
Belter of a question  ???

hell i am stuck... paramo smock.. can it be only one piece ;D

Ah go on, go on, go on you really mean two did'nt you ;D
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Re: your best bit of kit
« Reply #3 on: 13:57:08, 17/04/07 »
I would probably go with my Scarpa Ranger GTX boots or my North Face jacket.
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Re: your best bit of kit
« Reply #4 on: 14:46:58, 17/04/07 »
My first thought is the emotional connection.

Many years ago I bought a Peter Storm fleece, which has been everywhere with me.   I have since bought a much lighter Mountain Equipment fleece which also packs smaller but still the old PS goes in the bag, because I can still see myself on top of Fairfield, sipping soup while keeping warm in my old Peter Storm.



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Re: your best bit of kit
« Reply #5 on: 10:44:11, 18/04/07 »
My Berghaus GoreTex coat - I have never got wet wearing it, its 100% waterproof even in the heaviest of alpine thunderstorms!!! :)


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Re: your best bit of kit
« Reply #6 on: 21:44:27, 18/04/07 »
Mmmm, was going to say my Paramo smock, only a windcheater really, but is adequate in all but heavy rain. However, i have got to honestly say my Hydration bladder, really is the Bees Knees and such a good idea.



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Re: your best bit of kit
« Reply #7 on: 00:23:53, 19/04/07 »
I didn't know whether to read this as 'best' or 'favourite'.  Dunno about my best bit cos I like most of it.  As for favourite....  Well at the moment it's my Primus gravity MF stove.  Had it about a year now and it's functioned without any problem.  Very stable and light stove and cos it's a remote cannister you can fiddle with the gas  can to get maximum output ( such as giving it a good shake or when really empty inverting it).  Got the MF to eliminate the need for gas cans on short/day trips since the can is not recycleable.  Plus unleaded petrol is very cheap to burn in it ( though a bit more dirty).Carried with the pump and cylinder this is a weighty bit of kit, but I've not used ti abroad yet so have not needed to do this except on, like I say, short trips.  Advantage of the pump/cylinder system is though that performance is never affected by fuel level or weather condition.
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Re: your best bit of kit
« Reply #8 on: 21:26:20, 19/04/07 »
Would my missus count, probably not so its a toss up between my north face pants which are awsome and my pipe coz when you get there you can light up and think your chris bonnington for a few minutes.


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Re: your best bit of kit
« Reply #9 on: 23:55:04, 27/04/07 »
My North Face Sleeping Bag (mentioned in previous post). Still working as good as new despite being nearly 20.
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