Author Topic: Converting walking shoe lace holes  (Read 395 times)


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Converting walking shoe lace holes
« on: 15:37:16, 18/02/17 »
Just bought some North Face Hedgehogs which have a double hole at the top of the lace bed .
( I was told that this allows for different  lacing systems and can pull the shoe tighter around the ankle etc to stop heel slippage . i.e. downhill.)

So the question is as follows.

Has anyone ever used the speed lace lugs like you get on boots riveted into the shoe lace holes?

They are easy to purchase on Ebay and are easy to fit, I am finding the holes even for normal lacing a bit fiddly to be honest.

NO SCRATCH THIS! I have now found out how to use those double top lace holes properly. They are not fiddly at all once the correct method is used. Found a video on Youtube.
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