Author Topic: Munro no.1 - Beinn Narnain  (Read 2079 times)

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Munro no.1 - Beinn Narnain
« on: 20:53:09, 11/05/17 »
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Re: Munro no.1 - Beinn Narnain
« Reply #1 on: 22:16:34, 11/05/17 »
Looks a nice place to start too! O0
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Re: Munro no.1 - Beinn Narnain
« Reply #2 on: 08:07:57, 16/05/17 »
Like you I did this hill very early on when I started to get serious about doing the munro's, then when I realised the the scale of the task ahead I started to think more tactically.

I quickly adopted a strategy to do the southern hills (east and west) on a travel day to and from more difficult objectives further north.

Over the years that ploy has worked really well and I have done a high percentage of the nearer hills that way.

BTW although its only a mere Corbett the Cobbler is a brilliant hill!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Munro no.1 - Beinn Narnain
« Reply #3 on: 17:00:59, 29/08/17 »
I too at my advanced age did my first Munro last year, I took my two boys(early 20s) and we did exactly the same route as you, but we did it June the 1st and it was a hot day,we had to refill water bottles from streams as we were so hot.
The next day we did Bein Luibhean (Corbett) and Beinn Ime (our second Munro) from Butterbridge, and had another hot day with fantastic views, we were very lucky.
We went to Scotland again this year, my lads chose Skye (which worried me), but that's another story.


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Re: Munro no.1 - Beinn Narnain
« Reply #4 on: 18:54:46, 29/08/17 »
Great photos Dave, I did the Cobbler last year, brings back memories O0


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Re: Munro no.1 - Beinn Narnain
« Reply #5 on: 07:01:15, 20/06/18 »

I suppose everyone has to start somewhere

Nothing wrong with the Arrochar Alps; lovely hills. Climbed Beinn Nairnan and Beinn Ime many years ago, but knackered my knee on Ben Vorlich!


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Re: Munro no.1 - Beinn Narnain
« Reply #6 on: 21:19:41, 20/06/18 »
I was puzzled by the snow, and then realised you did the walk back in April.  Some classy views there, I love the ones of the North Peak.  O0 O0
  Scotland is awesome, but we are going to save our next visit for a time when the midges have gone.