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Two Moors Way
« on: 12:26:51, 23/05/17 »
Hi, I'm walking the Two Moors Way this July with my younger son. I walked Hadrian's Wall Path a couple of years ago and, being a national trail, there were lots of acorn signposts. I know the TMW isn't so a national trail so I'm not expecting numbers of signs along the same scale, but how well sign posted is it? Obviously got maps and compasses etc but I was interested to know. I rember seeing several around North Devon on holdiay last Year.

Sorry, if It's stupid question. I'm new.  :)


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Re: Two Moors Way
« Reply #1 on: 13:04:01, 23/05/17 »
Welcome to the Forum,

It is sign posted with its own symbol but, as you suppose, not always well so you will need your wits about you.  Some parts of the path in Mid Devon are also tending towards overgrown at this time of year. I walked a section last Friday and got soaked from the thighs down by wet crop. Some parts can be quite boggy too - if you have gaiters, I would bring them especially if it has been wet in the weeks preceding your visit.
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Re: Two Moors Way
« Reply #2 on: 15:27:51, 23/05/17 »
Hey Fabmum

It is well marked on the OS Map but having viewranger on your phone will ensure you stay on track if ever in doubt. I have been on much of it and doubt you will have issues.

Have a look at the website for some info and tips, there is a useful breakdown of the sections

Put your plans up and I'm sure you will get company on various sections if that appeals.

Good luck and enjoy  O0
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Re: Two Moors Way
« Reply #3 on: 07:41:46, 26/05/17 »
Bob from Backpackinglight walked it recently and is in the process of doing a series of podcasts about it.  See the link below.


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Re: Two Moors Way
« Reply #4 on: 22:09:30, 09/06/17 »
I walked the Two Moors Way a few years ago now and didn't really have a problem.   I used the James Roberts guide which helps where the path might be ambiguous, although when I went there had obviously been a change of route at some point that hadn't made either the guide or the OS map.    I assume it's now fixed but just in case it's between some houses a few hundred yards after Great Hele Farm, and not as marked on my map, adjacent to some woodland.   That really messed me up although it probably shouldn't have because I believe the footpath did have the TMW sign on a signpost.

Things have also changed since I did it, in that I understand it's now a complete coast to coast walk, whereas when I walked it the start point was Ivybridge.

I would recommend getting one of the guides (there's a choice on Amazon) since they do give useful information although if you use it for accommodation it might be worth phoning ahead.   We had a issue with one pub (with rooms) that was supposed to have camping outside.   We thought great, if the rooms are all booked we'll put the tent up outside, but no, the Inn had just been taken over by new people who had ripped out the rooms for refurbishment and declared that the camping was an insurance issue so we couldn't put the tent up in the garden.


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Re: Two Moors Way
« Reply #5 on: 22:09:33, 27/04/18 »
The Two Moors Way is a great path to walk. I walked it last summer with the Newton Abbot Ramblers. It is well signed, but a GPS with the detailed OS maps is more use than a compass as it helps you identify exactly where you are in relation to the path.
We walked it as a series of day walks and car sharing, leaving a car at the destination for the day and then driving back to the start for the day.


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Re: Two Moors Way
« Reply #6 on: 20:19:53, 01/06/18 »
I walked it a few years ago. Signage probably isnít as complete as for a National Trail. Thereís an official inexpensive guide book with a large scale strip map which is particularly useful for the extensive field path walking in the middle section.


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Re: Two Moors Way
« Reply #7 on: 23:29:53, 16/09/18 »
I walked it end of April, beginning of May this year.Only had one real navigation problem and that was on the first stage on Dartmoor. From what i recall the first few miles after the gate onto Dartmoor were fine with a wide easy path. Then the path disappears around some old brick ruins. There were no markers and it took a while with the GPS striding through long undergrowth to get back onto the path again.

When I got to the accommodation in Scoriton, the landlord said that its pretty common to get lost at that spot.

The rest was pretty straightforward.

I quite enjoyed the walk but there is a lot of lane walking in the mid Devon section. In clear weather the section from Chagford to Drewsteignton via Castle Drogo is pretty spectacular. [/font][/size]