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Re: New walker seeking some advice
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Correct footwear is obviously essential, but the only way to increase your fitness, is to go on regular weekly walks.
Ask some friends or family members to drop you off at a set distance from home, and then walk back, if its along a bus route, so much the better, because if you find you have taken on a bit too much, you alway's have an escape route.

If a lot of your current walking is on tarmac or a hard surface, consider wearing comfortable trainers that offer foot comfort and support.

Wearing heavy boots on a hard surface, especially for someone fairly new to the exercise of distance walking, can prove uncomfortable.

Boots of course have their place, especially in the countryside, but maybe not in a city or town environment, either way, wear what you find comfortable.

This time of year is not ideal for building your walking fitness, as daylight hours are so short, and temperatures are usually a lot cooler, but the important thing, is to maintain your regular walking exercise, however short or far you walk.

Its ever so easy to stay at home, when its poring with rain outside, and its cold, but having the will to get fit, is half the battle, and its a good one.

Just keep ticking over through the winter months, by walking in well lit areas, such as a local park or public trail.

When spring arrives, and daylight ours become longer, that will be the time to go for longer walks.

The main factor, is to keep yourself motivated throughout the cold and dark winter months, and it does not matter that you walk only fairly short distances, it all helps to build your leg strength.

In the next few weeks, millions of us will be thinking about that all important New Years resolution.

Your resolution, should be to continue with your regular exercise, and reap its rewards for the future.

All the best, and keep up the exercise, however far you choose to go.
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