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Best sleeping mat/inflatable
« on: 07:56:41, 19/09/17 »
Hi all,

I am after some advice please.
I am looking at buying a sleeping mat/inflatable mat. It has to be at least 60cm wide and at least 3cm deep.
Currently looking at the Klymit Static V2
But more than open to other options......

It is in order to have comfort and be able to cart it around on overnight hikes so can't be massively heavy!

Cheers :)


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Re: Best sleeping mat/inflatable
« Reply #1 on: 10:21:11, 19/09/17 »
I've had three mats to date. In my opinion the best by far, is my Thermarest Neo Air. It rolls up so small, weighs so little and yet is so comfortable. I've never noticed cold coming up from the ground, through the mat and then to make me cold. I bought the 6' version and glad I did, luxury in a one man tent! Its not self inflating, takes about 40 puffs, so to make it so much easier I bought a plain bag from Thermarest which is designed for the job. The bag has a hole in the bottom which fits over the valve. All I do is roll the bag top and it forces air into the mat, so very easy (I do it 4 times) and the best thing of all is that it works and its really low tech! When not used for this purpose it doubles up as a waterproof liner to store my stuff. Brilliant!

Its only disadvantage is that it can be noisy when I turn over. I think that's because I use a sleeping quilt (no back to lie on) so I would guess that sleeping bag users would not experience this issue. I solved mine by using a fitted sheet, also purchased from Thermarest.


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Re: Best sleeping mat/inflatable
« Reply #2 on: 13:17:59, 19/09/17 »
I have two mats, one is 52cm so may be no good to you and the other is 60cm but not insulated. My winter one is the Exped Downmat Lite 5. It measures 163 ◊ 52 ◊ 5 cm and has down filling. It comes with a little hand pump and inflates in no time. Really comfortable and it keeps you warm too, highly recommended if 60cm wide isn't a deal breaker. The other one is an Alpkit Dumo, which has no insulation so I use it for summer only. That one is 60cm wide. It's really comfortable to sleep on and for summer usage I'd recommend it! Both of the mats have decent weights and pack down well too.
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Re: Best sleeping mat/inflatable
« Reply #3 on: 13:26:41, 19/09/17 »
It will partly depend on the conditions you going to use it in. Uninsulated airmats in cold temps are decidedly chilly IME.

I have a Synmat 7 UL LW (ultralight, long-wide). it's one of the biggest mats I I could find at 65cm wide. It's 7cm thick so pretty comfy in the scheme of these things. It's rated down to -4C with an R of 3.3. I'm not so sure about that. When it gets close to zero I add a very thin mat to the top to keep it extra warm.

As far as I can tell, from reviews and such, the top mat for colder weather is the Thermarest XTherm range which have high R-values for low weight. They do a 60cm mat but it's not gonna be cheap. If money was no object, that's what I'd buy. I think it's the Xtherm MAX that's the large one.

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Harry Fisher

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Re: Best sleeping mat/inflatable
« Reply #4 on: 20:52:21, 19/09/17 »
I got two ALPKIT Dirtbags over a year ago for me and my son, both been used many times, no problems yet, XL version also available.
Weight: 900 g
 Length: 180 cm
 Width: 52 cm
 Thickness: 5 cm

£55 each.


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Re: Best sleeping mat/inflatable
« Reply #5 on: 08:18:24, 20/09/17 »
I can also recommend the Thermarest Neo Air, although can be a bit warm in the summer.


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Re: Best sleeping mat/inflatable
« Reply #6 on: 16:50:15, 20/09/17 »
My vote is for thermorest prolite. It quiet when lying on and light. It inflates quickly. I went for full length not 3/4 length. Donít want cold feet or damp sleeping bag


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Re: Best sleeping mat/inflatable
« Reply #7 on: 21:47:38, 21/09/17 »
thanks all - I will be the owner of the klymit satic v luxe in a couple of weeks (my birthday)


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Re: Best sleeping mat/inflatable
« Reply #8 on: 10:49:24, 22/09/17 »
I have recently upgraded to an Exped UL7 SynMat mattress. I've now used it on 4 wild camps and it's resulted in a whole new level of comfort and sleep quality. I am 6'3" and find this the perfect size. It doesn't weigh a great deal, in fact it weighs less than my previous Vango self inflating one. Think I paid £95 on Amazon for it. I can't recommend this enough!