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Re: Silence!
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Apologies thought it was on this thread ::)

easy mistake to make as the thread titles are very similar. At least it wasn't deleted  O0
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Re: Silence!
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Definitely an interesting article!


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Re: Silence!
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A poke at Mr Blair?

I might as well, as I seem to be the only walker, who questions why he gave away 2026, just to get a quick passage for the 2000 CRoW act through the House of Lords with a whacking great majority.

Consequence; Today's landowners will get away with the corruption of the 'Definitive Map' their predecessors got away with and no one today is prepared to measure the damage it has done to the effectiveness of our access  network.
Their Land is in Our Country.

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Re: Silence!
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I was thinking about pure silence this year a bit also, and to say silence is golden would be an understatment ;)

I biked up to Crag Fell at the end of July for Golden Hour to get a nice pic at the time in the evening about 9 to 10pm sitting at the cairn Not a breath of wind, not even the Herdies had anything to say either, the silence only broken about 3 seconds after a car went over the cattle grid down at Bowness Knott carpark.
They say silence is golden, it was that night.

@getoutdostuff on instagram if you want to see the pic, 26th of july the week before this constant dailiy rain.
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Re: Silence!
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WOW what weather, a simply balmy 22C in Harlech this morning, but the strength of the winds is scary.
Its been many years, since i can remember temperatures as warm as this in mid October, and the Rhinogs were clear and inviting, but the wind was incredibly strong, and easy 60-70mph and probably higher, but it was staying indoors weather.

Hardly Silence, a constant whistling outside.   DEAD SCARY


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Re: Silence!
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Living just off a busy main road can be noisy at times but once I go out and walk in the countryside the silence is bliss. :)