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« on: 19:43:26, 07/05/07 »
I'm looking for some luminous/high-viz guylines, but I can't seem to find any on the internet..anyone have any suggestions? Getting quite annoyed with people tripping over my stock black guylines lol.



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Re: Guylines
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hi mate i act just bought some new guylines today from decathlon, they do not glow in the dark or anything but are a lot brighter than stock, i think they are in the diving section and they are 5 for 20 meters and i get the 3mm dia one and there are loads of colours to choose from and it is very good quality line. i have used it on three of my tents and never had a problem with it yet.
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Re: Guylines
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 O0  simple but great idea,luminous lines..,BLACKS sell them and also reflective lines too!
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