Author Topic: Mount Famine and Kinder Scout  (Read 322 times)


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Mount Famine and Kinder Scout
« on: 07:59:28, 13/10/17 »
When in Edale, people get so focused on climbing Kinder Scout or Mam Tor that they forget about some of the other surrounding hills. I was one of them, so in this walk I made the effort to explore a bit of new ground and get myself onto some of the hills I'd normally only see from Kinders edges. This one followed the Pennine Way as far as Jacobs Ladder before veering away over moorland and heading towards South Head and Mount Famine (coolest name for a hill in the Peak District). I then descended and headed towards Kinders western edge via Coldwell Clough and the Three Knolls before returning back to Edale on more familiar territory.

Full trip report on my blog: Mount Famine and Kinder Scout


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Re: Mount Famine and Kinder Scout
« Reply #1 on: 14:09:05, 13/10/17 »
Enjoyed the blog post.  O0  Done a fair bit of walking on that side.

That path from Kinderlow End up to the plateau is a nice one, I think, both on ascent or descent - and the little scramble at the top of Red Brook makes for a fun conclusion.

Last time I walked it, I met another walker on my way back down to Hayfield who'd scrambled all the way up Red Brook rather than doing just the top section. Looks like it could be another enjoyable alternative route up onto Kinder.


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Re: Mount Famine and Kinder Scout
« Reply #2 on: 15:26:13, 13/10/17 »
Yes, I did consider the whole of Red Brook.... but I was struggling to fit everything I wanted to do into a single route!

No doubt I'll be returning a few more times yet. Still have a list of bits & pieces I haven't done yet. William Clough for one, Burnt Hill and Harry Hut too. Then there's Nether Red Brook round the back along with Gateside Clough I haven't done yet. And I still haven't even done the official summit!


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Re: Mount Famine and Kinder Scout
« Reply #3 on: 14:39:17, 23/10/17 »
Nice blog!
I did the same walk a few weeks ago.
Where the Pennine way (with Kinder scount behind you) veers left onto jacobs ladder. Went straight on.
I wanted an alternative way back to Hayfield.
When the stone path expires towards south head. The path became very boggy indeed. In fact one step, the bog went up to my mid calf!
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