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Hello to new friends
« on: 10:27:48, 24/10/17 »
Hello fellow walkers.
My name is Gary and live with my wife Sherralyn in Cambridgeshire.
We share a passion for walking and now that kids have flown the nest, we have more time to enjoy our walking.
We tend to spend most of the time walking in The Lakes or The Dales and have next years holidays booked there. But we also do weekenders in other areas and currently have a North Norfolk Coast and Shropshire Hills weekenders booked in December and January.
In the next 12 months I hope to purchase a modern VW T5 Camper Van so that we can just take off on a whim.
The thought of coming home from work on a Thursday and saying 'shall we drive off to the Lakes tomorrow at 4pm gives me a real buzz of excitement.
One of the most amazing things that I find about walking is the accepted respect that you get when out on a high fell or lonesome moor and people just smile and say hello.
I would love to join conversations with fellow walkers


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Re: Hello to new friends
« Reply #1 on: 19:28:53, 24/10/17 »
Welcome from the Sussex coast     :)


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Re: Hello to new friends
« Reply #2 on: 21:06:06, 24/10/17 »
Hiya Gary, I'm a noobee too, my Wife and me live near Basingstoke and have spent the last 11 years travelling to anf from the Lake District and Dales but because of the cost of a holiday in either of those places have decided to look elseware, we have been to Shropshire and Monmouth this year, all very nice and great walking but not a patch on the Lake District.. Have fun with your new / old hobby..
Gone for a walk, back in a bit..


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Re: Hello to new friends
« Reply #3 on: 21:15:58, 24/10/17 »
Welcome from Old Portsmouth.

Before I really took up hiking and camping my wife and I lolled around in a towing caravan, then moved onto a 6 berth motor caravan, (2 beds above the cab) then downsized to a Ford Transit sized one. This was OK, raising roof and I side door was the most important and we could use it as our care.

When we moved to our present estate, such vehicles, caravans, boats, vans etc are not allowed so we thought 'been there, done that' so it was a good time to give it all up. Would I go back to it? Maybe a small towing caravan which I could just park and leave for a season in one place, but not a motor caravan. We really got to hate that every time we wanted to get anywhere we had to take all our rubbish with us, every time. No, thinking about it we would never go back to that way of life. In any case as we became older we changed, wife prefers comfort whilst I prefer to rough it. Its a sign of a happy marriage so she tells me.

Good luck with you VW quest, I'm sure they are the best to buy. Our friends did the opposite to us, they waited until they retired and then bought a 5th wheeler caravan, now its parked permanently in Spain. Dreadful thing, like towing a tank which is why now its parked permanently in Spain.

Enjoy your walking.


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Re: Hello to new friends
« Reply #4 on: 12:36:59, 25/10/17 »
Hi Gary and welcome from the Peak District O0

Tracey :)
***Happiness is only a smile away***