Author Topic: Hiking the GR11, Spain  (Read 1318 times)


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Hiking the GR11, Spain
« on: 18:25:06, 27/10/17 »
I planned to hike the GR11 across the Spanish Pyrenees this year but it was not to be, my son got married and then family matters got in the way. So during August/September I thought can I perhaps have a go at it in 2018? I downloaded the Cicerone guide and lots of information from the internet but obviously became very much aware during October aware that the Catalan problems were developing and of course the GR11 goes through the Catalan region.

My wife were in Spain recently and became very aware that a few Spanish people that we know in Calpe, were becoming more anti-Catalan and feeling stressed by it. Luckily we have now managed to sell our house, but if this situation as the weeks and months pass it may become so difficult for the UK and for the other European citizens who have bought property there and have perhaps decided to make it their permanent or semi permanent home. I live in Portsmouth and every September so many UK people catch the ferries here to spend the winter over there, a lot then return to the UK around March.

I have decided already to not plan go to Spain again, well certainly not in 2018 and I suspect a lot of other UK citizens will possibly arrive at the same conclusion? If the situation does deteriorate I also expect a lot of UK citizens will just come back here to live? I hope the government will start to make plans because if there is already a housing problem here a large exodus, especially of older people from Spain may make our situation even worse? Worrying times.

I'm now going to think about my plan B, the GR20 in Corsica.


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Re: Hiking the GR11, Spain
« Reply #1 on: 21:01:19, 27/10/17 »
I have always found the Spanish folks to be welcoming when I have been in the hills above Calpe and in several places towards the hills up from the big coastal resorts. Going in the off season in early November and bringing some trade to the house letters and food shops....we usually head there with around a dozen folks....hire a couple of motors and head for the hills daily.
I see that you are interested in going for the GR20...a very fine walk in very grand terrain with great vegetation and you meet on the route many interesting folks....for us we have enjoyed our trips to the island so much that it has become a real draw for us over the retirement years.