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Cairngorm Rescue
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Saw this on Facebook............note the 'stretcher carry of 'several miles'.........well done to all involved.
Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team

CMRT were called out last night to assist a walker who had been blown over by stormy winds, and had fallen some distance into a steep watercourse, sustaining a [/font][/size]serious leg injury. The injured walker was high in the cairngorms, on steep ground, soaking wet, and suffering from a serious injury. We needed to get him to safety quickly, but the weather was deteriorating rapidly and darkness was falling.
The party were survival skills enthusiasts, and had done everything possible to look after themselves, but the situation was very serious
The team requested assistance from the coastguard rescue helicopter, which battled the storm and low cloud to get a couple of teams close to the casualty, but the rest of the team had to battle their way over the summit of cairngorm to reach the casualty.
After a brutal stretcher carry of several miles, rescuers were able to reach the stretcher party with 4x4 vehicles high in the ski area.
The helicopter did some remarkable flying to get close to the casualty, but in the end they too were defeated by the weather. The aircraft was really being battered by the turbulence, but the crew just kept at it, trying to assist us.
After a prolonged 8 hour rescue, the casualty was delivered to a waiting ambulance.
A great outcome. The guys put in a tough shift last night, but it could have been a lot worse. It was a great example of team work with the helicopter.[/color][/size]


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