Author Topic: Matterhorns of the uk  (Read 527 times)


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Matterhorns of the uk
« on: 17:51:34, 14/11/17 »
Does anyone know how many mountains/hills are given the nickname Matterhorn in the UK? I know of Cnicht in wales, Shutlingsloe in Cheshire and rosemary topping in north York's. Just wondered if there's anymore and if anyone e has walked/climbed them all
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Re: Matterhorns of the uk
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That's an interesting one - I would have known Shutlingsloe and Cnicht.  I've only walked the first of those though.

Never been to Roseberry Topping so it didn't occur to me - the nickname definitely makes sense from pictures.

If there are more, I wonder which is the least-deserving of the name? One of my brothers worked a few winter seasons in Zermatt and he was less than impressed when I pointed out "the Cheshire Matterhorn" to him on a hike we were doing some time afterwards...  ;D


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Re: Matterhorns of the uk
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 Suilven in Sutherland.