Author Topic: I'm in the mood to spend a few quid on some new hiking gear!  (Read 519 times)


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What to replace and when, that's my problem, plus with what? I want to buy a new tent but am torn between the choices on offer. I want to buy a Bivi, I know which one, but the nagging doubt in my head is, after using it once would I really use it again? I want to buy a new waterproof single skin jacket for next summer to replace my Marmot Precip, but again I'm torn between the models on offer. Although I like the carrying ability of my Osprey Exos 48L I've always disliked their colours, not really a good enough reason to buy a new rucksack is it? I'm also conscious that my Berghaus Superlight boots, which I like a lot but unfortunately the soles are wearing down fast. I think I walked on the wrong type of terrain this year? I also need to buy a new 1-2L water bladder, but think this is going to be my easiest decision. I am also determined to buy some new Odlo underwear, I find they are just right for me, comfortable, they wash easily and dry quickly. I am also going to buy a Lowe Alpine peaked hat for the winter. I've looked at the Paramo version, but for me the peak is too long, my wife says it makes me look like a hiking duck!

I'm OK with my Poncho, Thermarest Neo Air mattress, sleeping quilt, head torch, hiking trousers, baselayers, my Alpkit warm synthetic jacket and my Pacerpoles and I've sorted out my gadgetry and wires as well, so no problems there. No problems either with the smaller stuff, razors, toothbrush past, first aid kit and so on. I'm also really pleased with my large capacity Anker phone battery even though it weighs 12oz. I still need to 'tweak' the design of my rain skirt to make it work better and I'm looking for a new pair of gaiters as well, ones that I can wear under my hiking trousers. My present ones are Rab, they are good but I've felt the need to fit fabric around the top elastic tightener to feel them feel more comfortable against my skin.

I can be really dithery in situations like this, I get really angry with myself but I''ll work my way through these wants and needs but will make actual decisions eventually.


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I promised myself sometime ago that:-

1/ That I would wait till some part of existing kit needed replacing before buying anything more.
2/ That I'd then buy a "quality" replacement.

Not kept to promise completely...sometimes when there's half a hour to kill at end of walk, it's hard not to go in walking shop if there's a good one near bus or train station. But certainly cut down this year on previous three or four.

But it is getting pretty close to time I should replace my boots. And if I stick to "point 2" suppose I'll be spending well over a hundred quid.