Author Topic: The do's and dont's of hiking as a group?  (Read 1085 times)


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Re: The do's and dont's of hiking as a group?
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I tried to write it for amusement. The Pebbell can be useful as a safety tool if an older person has dementia and is a wanderer out into the streets. Once outside of a programmed geographical area it can set off a Carers alarm. My wife is amused by the whole idea of keeping me contained. ;D


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Re: The do's and dont's of hiking as a group?
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For many years I belonged to a large social organisation of walkers. It was REALLY fun and I miss its demise.
I was a walk leader and guide.
Today I walk alone mainly because I'm a billy no mates, couple with decisions on walking are made very last minute.

There are many issues around walking in groups especially when it is not a regular group.

One really important thing I can try to impart to you all. Waiting for those less able to catch up.
If you need to do this at all you have already failed.
They should be ahead of you and you should never catch THEM up.
The mental state of anyone who is slower becomes very poor. Not only are they battling their own physical distress but it is being made worse by knowing they are slowing you down. It is AWFUL.
The reverse is that by you being a ways behind encourages them, you lift one of the burdens which helps a lot.

I have been on group walks where a killing pace was being maintained by the obvious 'macho' men, I slowed down on an ascent and was abandoned. The leader RAN back to say I was slowing them down and 'this is an A group walk, we have a reputation to maintain'..
I was then 'left'. I later saw the group on the wrong path some way off. I was back at the car park after doing the full route waiting for them for over an hour.

Talking.. there are those who cannot shut up. I've led walks and brought people to fantastic view points. The 'talkers' arrive and stand facing each other utterly oblivious to the view. Takes all sorts :)

Also it is worth understanding that a 'walking' group are meant to walk not climb. Little scrambles are often inevitable, but choosing routes that are all about exposure and scrambling are not walks and should be announced as such. I know its a thrill, so is mountain biking and paragliding but they are not 'walking'. If you are leading a walking group and need to reach for crampons and ice axes, you really are in the wrong place.

sometimes I fall off the learning curve....
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Re: The do's and dont's of hiking as a group?
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Speaking of slowness, you should try leading a botanical group. Every single species of flowering plant, grass and tree is ticked off, while interminable discussions take place over the precise determination of difficult ones down to subspecies level. Sometimes it can take half an hour just to get out of the car park, and a further hour to cover the next hundred yards!


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Re: The do's and dont's of hiking as a group?
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As you usually walk alone, you will know to close a gate behind you. What if a gate was open when you came to it, how would 'tail end Charlie' know if the gate was opened or closed when the leader went through it. So who appoints a back marker, does there have to be a leader?

When I used to go out on my bike in a group we used to adopt the second man system, the second man in the group would wait at junctions/roundabouts for the last one to catch up so nobody got lost then he would take his place at the back of the group till the next junction then the second man would wait again. This system could be adopted for gates when out walking as the second man will  know whether the gate was open or closed.


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Re: The do's and dont's of hiking as a group?
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Well said Peter  O0

Aside from the things Peter mentioned, my pet peeve about group walks is that, if you are in group and the faster ones stop and wait, as soon as you've caught up, they're off again (they've had a nice breather whilst they wait).  No breather for the slowcoaches then.

By the sounds of it, I need to take up Botany fernman  :D
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Re: The do's and dont's of hiking as a group?
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Walking with botanists is great.  When the going gets tough and you want a wee rest there is always a sedge to look at however far up the hill you are.  Though, as Fernman says it can take a while to get out of the carpark.
And yes, Mel, you are quite right about the slower ones not getting a rest.  Occasionally, in desperation, seeing the leaders stopping to wait, I simply to stop where I am, and get a rest at the same time if not in the same place!  I have noticed that this annoys them a bit though....