Author Topic: Kilimanjaro, Lemosho Route, March 18, Sleeping Bag Recommendation  (Read 1335 times)


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Can anyone recommend a sleeping bag for this trip?
Tour operator recommends a bag down to -20deg.

RAB Ascent 900 is rated at -18, and the Andes 1000 to -20. Price difference is eye-watering.

Pack weight and stuffed down size is important as I'm pondering a later trip to Elbrus when I'll have to carry it myself.

Advice anyone please?
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I slept out on the summit of Mount Kenya in an old army sleeping bag rated nowhere near -20C and survived, that was 35 years ago mind.
I've a Rab Ascent 500 and only use it in winter as I find it too hot the rest of the year. It weighs just over a kilo, the 900 is 1530g the Andes 1000 is 1625g so a saving of 95g at a price difference of 370.
The recommended lowest temperatures are only a very rough guide I wouldn't worry too much about a 2 degree difference, if your cold at night put more cloths on.
I've not tried the Andes range bags but I have tried some of the other Rab high end, very light bags and find they save weight by cutting them very tight. The Ascent range are cut with quite a bit more room so there's room for extra cloths and still won't feel like you've been tied up.