Author Topic: Light or heavy walking shoes for weak ankles??  (Read 378 times)


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Light or heavy walking shoes for weak ankles??
« on: 00:09:28, 23/11/17 »
Hello there  and greetings,[/font][/font]
due to ankle deterioration [/font]in past year I don't walk so much now or as fast. Nonetheless  I am going Israel soon and will do some gentle hiking, trails, hills and mountains.[/font]
I am using karrimor plus ride running shoe, I think I paid £35-40.[/font]
As I write this, I think I know where I went wrong.[/font]
I used Nike Pegasus running shoes for walking for 15 years with no problems.[/font]
Due to money problems since 2 years ago I switched to Karrimor cheaper range. I noticed they were just too light and that is why my ankles have gotten worse in past year.[/font]
My finances are very healthy now, I leave Israel next week...what do you advise? Running shoes with air all along soles or can you suggest something more suitable?[/font]
I have premature osteo arthritis on knees and they donít feel very strong.[/font]
I read that if shoes are heavy with thicker soles, the ankles will atrophy and I wonít notice when I step on a rock until it is too late....if I wore chunky c l a r k s  shoes, perhaps the stiffer sole would not benefit me?[/font]. Would the latter be ok for daily use in London?
Your kind advice much appreciated,[/font]
Thank you![/font]
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Re: Light or heavy walking shoes for weak ankles??
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I wear arch supports tailor made by NHS for flat feet


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Re: Light or heavy walking shoes for weak ankles??
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Given your problems, maybe you should be seeking professional medical advice. A podiatrist may give better, absolutely personal advice. We not really knowing your actual situation could exacerbate any problems you have.
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