Author Topic: Helping out a park ranger  (Read 414 times)

Lee in Doncaster

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Helping out a park ranger
« on: 17:59:34, 26/11/17 »
Today I was glad to be able to help out a park ranger in the Peak District. It wasn't anything dramatic...but everything counts I suppose.

I'm just wondering about if anyone else has had any similar experiences?
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rural roamer

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Re: Helping out a park ranger
« Reply #1 on: 18:33:25, 27/11/17 »
Not quite the same as you but this spring when we were walking locally, a farmer asked if we could help round up a lamb that was in the wrong field. She told us what to do but we didnít make a very good job of grabbing it. Still she managed to catch it in the end!  :)


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Re: Helping out a park ranger
« Reply #2 on: 18:48:59, 27/11/17 »
A week ago when I was running, I helped a farmer to get some of his cows into his lorry. I ony had to stand and hold my arms outstetched, none came towards me, it took 10 mins and I then ran on.