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This is a tutorial on how to post photo's in your posts. It is based on the photo hosting website tinypic as thorough testing by me has found it to be one of the easiest and most reliable to use. O0

I believe this site is no longer available - but is a very similar process

First of all, whilst it's possible to upload your photo's to tinypic without registering, you get more features if you do register and it's free anyway. ;)

Go to tinypic <- Click the link and you'll see the screen below. Click on the button marked "JOIN NOW!" (highlighted by me in the picture).

This will take you to the screen below. Enter in all the details it asks for and click the green "JOIN NOW" button at the bottom. That's it! You're now registered with tinypic!

In the top left of the screen you should see a colourful tinypic logo , click on it  to go to the main screen. Once on the main screen click on the button marked "Your Home" in the top left corner of the screen, as shown below.

This takes you to the following screen. Click on the button marked "Browse", as highlighted.

This opens a new window which you are probably familiar with and as shown below. Use it to locate your photo on your computers harddrive and once you've found it double click on it.

Now that's done I have to ask you a question: Is your photo larger than 800x600? Chances are if it's from a digital camera then it will be in which case follow the next step. If not then skip the next step.

Click the drop down box marked "Resize..." and select the option "15" Screen (800x600)" as shown below.

Now click the green button marked "UPLOAD" as highlighted below.

You'll see the following screen for a few seconds whilst your photo is uploaded to tinypic.

Once the upload is finished you'll see the following screen. You'll see a thumbnail of your photo and also some links to the left under the heading "Grab Your Code". Right click the second one down, marked "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" and select "Copy" from the menu that pops up, as shown below.

Now go to the screen on WalkingForum where you're composing your post. Right click in the area where the main body of your post is being composed and select "Paste" from the menu that pops up, as shown below.

This will paste the code into your post. Add a caption, if you wish, simply by hitting the enter key and typing the caption beneath the code as shown below. Add any further text to your post and finally hit the "Post" button to post on WalkingForum and your post will appear complete with your photo attached!

But what if you want to add more than one photo (such as in a Trip Report)? That's easily done too! Go to "Your Home" from tinypic's main page as before. This time click on the button marked "Upload More +" as highlighted below.

This will take you to the following screen. tinypic allows up to five photo's to be uploaded simultaneously so you will now see five "Browse" buttons. Use each one to select your photo's like before and remember to "Resize" if your photo's are larger than 800x600. When you're done click the green "UPLOAD" button.

As before you'll get an "Uploading... Please Wait" screen and it will probably take a little longer to complete the upload process. Once done you'll get a screen like before:

But unlike before if you scroll down you'll see the rest of the photo's that you uploaded during that session. Next to each you'll see the links and, like before, Copy & Paste the ones marked "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" into your post on WalkingForum. If you have more than five photo's to upload just repeat the above steps until all your photo's are uploaded.

If you're still stuck or unsure about something please contact me via PM and I'll do my best to help. O0
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