Author Topic: North Berwyn Way - advice  (Read 52 times)


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North Berwyn Way - advice
« on: 15:11:04, 08/12/17 »
Hi any advice on this from anyone who has experience of what it is like along the ridge.

I'm debating this with myself as a possible walk this winter, but I am unsure what the ground will be like. What I was thinking about was a bus from LLangollen to Cynwyd , then walking back to Llangollen, this gives approx approx six hours which is enough as long as the ground is OK. What are the conditions likely to be like at this time of the year or indeed other times?

Halfway along it diverts north towards Pen-y-Bont rather than carrying straight on east before heading back South, is that because the path straight on is poor or badly defined? It also looks like Y Foel could be a possible extension, but again it would depend on the ground  conditions.


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Re: North Berwyn Way - advice
« Reply #1 on: 15:28:38, 08/12/17 »
From my own observations and those of other members, ground conditions at present, even on ridges, are wet with a capital W.

The ground has had virtually no drying out since September. The current snowfall today and forecast through to Sunday can only add to the squelch. My own garden with designed drainage is more saturated than at any time in the last 16 years.

Up to you but I would be inclined to leave it for a while.