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Fat trousers
« on: 18:37:48, 18/12/17 »
Hey, I have taken to walking as a hobby which also helps me dropping weight. I've built up to do 5 hours walks. I have been wearing jeans but as you can guess are terrible and get heavy. I have been looking into getting some kind of walking trousers but I'm a big 60 inch waist so finding it hard to get any. Any suggestions or just put up with the jeans till I have droppped more weight.


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Re: Fat trousers
« Reply #1 on: 19:03:36, 18/12/17 »
Have you thought of jogging bottoms? Might be more comfortable than jeans.


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Re: Fat trousers
« Reply #2 on: 19:09:47, 18/12/17 »
Look on Amazon, plenty to choose from there. I used "walking trousers with 60" waist" as the search.

Have a good time walking, you will certainly benefit from the general  fitness and cardiac health aspect.
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Re: Fat trousers
« Reply #3 on: 23:53:41, 18/12/17 »
Hiya Spoonhead..

  I am full of respect and awe for you... You are doing the right thing..

  There is a chap living near me who has gone from a man mountain to an average Joe in 4 years although I think he was a lot larger than you.. It has taken time but a goal is a goal and you know what they say, a long walk starts with a single step..

This Forum should be useful to you, I'm sure the members will support you if / when you need it. Have you considered writing a blog to plot your progress ? Keep a diary of your walks and images of the locations ? We do love to see pictures of a Sun set or Sun rise Or just an interesting view or tree, You never know, you might be the new David Bailey..
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Re: Fat trousers
« Reply #4 on: 12:45:20, 22/12/17 »
Use J. America's trousers they made every size look on walmart or Ebay, Amazon or any retailer