Author Topic: What are your walking plans for 2018?  (Read 12986 times)


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What are your walking plans for 2018?
« on: 09:32:10, 31/12/17 »
I haven't seen anyone start this thread so I thought I'd do so as it's usually a popular one and nice to look back at the end of the year to see if you have achieved your goals for the year  O0

I have a reliable car this year (touch wood) so hopefully more day trips to the Lakes/Dales/Peaks and get a few more Wainwrights ticked off.

Am in the process of planning some Long Distance walks for the year ahead, starting with the West Highland Way and Great Glen Way in Jan/Feb and then hopefully another National Trail in April.

Looking at an overseas trip for my main summer holiday, I think I've narrowed it down to either the GR20 or the Chamonix to Zermatt Haute Route but I keep seeing other possibilities.

After summer another National Trail or maybe another Coast to Coast in October  O0

Soooooo, the question is, what are your walking plans for 2018?
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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #1 on: 09:56:59, 31/12/17 »
Much vaguer than for the last few years. Maybe Cadair Idris, maybe I'll try to get out on some English mountains for a change. Fancy trying Helvellyn via Striding Edge.


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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #2 on: 10:19:28, 31/12/17 »
My walking plans for 2018? In a nutshell, I intend to get out for twice as many day walks as I did in 2017 and each preceding year.


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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #3 on: 10:23:54, 31/12/17 »
Continue and hopefully complete the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.
Walking holiday booked in Bulgaria in September :)
The Ridgeway and, unlikely given the time needed, but would like then to continue up the Icknield and Peddars Way to the Norfolk coast thereby joining the dots, via the previously completed Wessex Ridgeway, from south coast to east coast.
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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #4 on: 10:44:30, 31/12/17 »
For me 2018 comes with the biggest challenge to date. Going through one or possibly two major surgeries and coming out the other side.

I’d like to tick off a few more Wainwright’s including Scafell Pike and Blencathra if surgery goes well, but to be honest, just getting back out walking some modest routes in the Peak District is all I’ll try and aim for this year. Anything more will be a bonus. O0
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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #5 on: 13:31:57, 31/12/17 »
Tick off a few more of the Wainwrights, attempt the National Three Peaks and what's becoming an annual thing now, another Lyke Wake Walk, although this year I fancy a winter crossing.  Alsp must really try harder to tick The Cheviot of the list of unwalked hills.
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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #6 on: 13:58:10, 31/12/17 »

Some or all of these; the Hebridean Way, another section of the Appalachian Trail, the Finisterre Way on the Camino de Santiago


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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #7 on: 15:52:00, 31/12/17 »
Get back to 800+ miles for the year if possible. Finish off exploring North Dartmoor, start on South Dartmoor and North Cornish SWCP; look at SWCP west of Dawlish and east of Abbotsbury. When the ground dries out explore more sections of the LDPs in Mid Devon. Have also booked 10 days near Innsbruck for June.
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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #8 on: 16:48:09, 31/12/17 »
It was me that started the thread last year, you beat me to it this year!  :D
Instead of doing a long distance walk in 2018 as we have done the past few years, we plan to walk the National Three Peaks but over the course of 3 separate holidays not in 24 hours. We’ve done about 6 LDWs but I’ve never walked up Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike or Snowdon. My hubby did Scafell pike many years ago. No plans in place yet, not even sure which order we will do them. Ideally we will keep reasonably walk fit, and book a 4-5 day trip at short notice so there’s more chance of decent weather, and avoid weekends so we don’t get caught up in the 24 hour challenges. This may involve me retiring first though (which I’m working on)!  ;D  In the meantime I am hoping that a foot problem I have resolves itself, I seem to have had symptoms of metartarsalgia or mortons neuroma for a good few weeks, so will book myself a GP appt though will likely end up seeing a podiatrist privately.  >:(

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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #9 on: 16:54:47, 31/12/17 »
Will be doing some exploring in the Peak District and planning to get to the Alps in May/June.


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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #10 on: 17:25:22, 31/12/17 »
For me, top of the list:

The Nantlle Ridge

A return to the Carneddau to explore some of the summits I haven't yet covered.

Wenlock Edge - thank you to Barewirewalker for the tip on local accommodation on another thread recently. O0

The Sandstone Trail.

A return to Cadair Idris, hopefully with some views this time around!  ;D

Many others floating around in my head, of course, and I hope to get up to the Lake District more this year as I only made it once in 2017.  :(


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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #11 on: 17:41:08, 31/12/17 »

Add an Avatar pic- Tick. :D

Try and hit a thousand miles, - just over 760 this year..
 Edge closer to completing the Wainwrights. 171 done, but they're getting harder and harder to get to.. Besides I like some of the ones I've already done. I only added one new one this year - Ullscarf.

And I've been saying this for a few years now; Get into the Howgills. I got closer this year as I actually planned some walks there, but I still didn't connect boots with ground.
Also, try and hit 2000 miles on the bike..


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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #12 on: 18:08:12, 31/12/17 »

I started doing the West Highland Way in bits this year, I've got as far as Inverarnan heading north, so I'd like to do the rest over the course of the year, and maybe carry on to Inverness.
Hoping to spend a week in the Lake district again this year, becoming a regular event.
At least one LDP in a oner, (considering the Borders Abbeys Way), and maybe do one solo one this year, which I keep meaning to do but it never seems to happen.  I am slowly learning, if it doesn't get booked it doesn't get walked.  Something crops up and it gets moved further and further into the future.
Explore the Peak District.  I don't know it at all, but have good reasons (grandchildren in the area) to visit as often as possible.

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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #13 on: 18:21:09, 31/12/17 »
I will be booking my flight to the Shetland islands next week, a friend does not like long boat rides, as its nearly a 12hr sail from Aberdeen, so its a Manchester flight possibly in May.
Ive circumnavigated the entire island of Barra in the outer Hebrides, managed most of Vatersay, and did some short walks on Benbecula and Orkney, though i was rather time limited on Orkney, which was a real shame.

There is no easy way to reach the Shetland isles, and i have wanted to visit them for quite a while, and recently watching a dvd on the ITV Coast series, St Kilda is worth a look.

To walk on St Kilda would be really something, but the only problem is that you have to prebook, and if the weather is not suitable, you lose half your deposit, a bit unfair i know, but a small very fast boat must be pre booked and fuelled for the long journey there and back, and that does not come cheap.

My friend visited the lonely island five years ago, and was blessed with beautiful weather, and she say's the walk she did to see the sea bird colony, was incredible, worth the money ten times over.

As Ive done most of the Inner and Outer Hebridean islands, walking quite a few of them, visiting St Kilda would be pretty special.

lets see if it can happen for 2018.
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Re: What are your walking plans for 2018?
« Reply #14 on: 09:42:53, 01/01/18 »
After three months being grounded whilst under investigation for possible further cardiac problems I have just received a letter telling me that no further problems have been found and no further investigations need - great start to 2018. Now I hope to resume getting out each weekend and hopefully be able to complete the C2C in July (2nd time).