Author Topic: Ordinance Survey Maps on Mobile.  (Read 1631 times)


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Re: Ordinance Survey Maps on Mobile.
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If you've subscribed to the OS maps system, you have all the maps of the British Isles that you can download. You have to specify the area you want to download, save it, then it's available for offline use. At least, that's how I do it.

20 for a year of the whole country at 1:25000, yeah, that's a bargain. It's not as full featured as some of the other mapping systems but it's massively cheaper. I managed to use Tesco clubcard points, 8 worth, so basically it cost me nothing.

I record routes with it, or I plan them on the laptop ahead of time and download to the phone. With a paper map in my bag, I've found it very good indeed.

Am I missing something? What is to stop you paying 20 and downloading as much as you can for offline use, and paying no more? Presumably they don't all magically disappear at the end of the 12 months so that you must renew your subscription to get them back. This isn't a criticism of your post, I'm genuinly confused. 


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Re: Ordinance Survey Maps on Mobile.
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I was wondering the same thing
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Re: Ordinance Survey Maps on Mobile.
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try it and see if the downloads last past your subscription. Given that they only work through the app, I would expect there's an expiry option built in for that reason. Wouldn't be hard to code I don't think.

That said, 20 quid a year is a reasonable cost to pay in my view, even better when it's free with clubcard points :)