Author Topic: Dogs - how to deal with unaccompanied dogs?  (Read 2929 times)


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Re: Dogs - how to deal with unaccompanied dogs?
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I was on a local walk ,going across way marked routes and came to an area where a guard dog lives In enclosed area of fence and walled  farm premesis  .
As I have walked The same route hundreds of times .
 I have always been wary of this large Alsatian guard dog used to always come up to the fence in a threatning manner barking .Even when you don't see it .
As soon as you open the Swing gate It sets it off >:( .

Well this particular day coming out of the field got to the swing gate  And very quietly opened It and went through the other side    With my back to the swing gate Just delatching quitely I suddenly detected a Presence behind me .
  :o It was this very large flipping Alsatian
  :-[  Lunged at me Growling and barking It was that close I could see Its Uvula as Its fanged mouth opened ready to clamp on me

;)  In Nanoseconds In was through the gate Asap .
 The Alsatian surprised me as it was out of its boundary of the house garden.
 In the lane where all walkers go past .
 So I waited for It to go back In .
But It kept coming back and forth to the gate  . 
I decided to retreat and go back ,and take another route.
 . I think I was very lucky to get away without been attacked and bitten .