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Re: sawyer mini flow rate
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I compared it to water to go but it was a bit of a rip off having to change the filter every 3 months which are not cheap really


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Re: sawyer mini flow rate
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I compared it to water to go but it was a bit of a rip off having to change the filter every 3 months which are not cheap really
We've been using our Sawyer minis for over 2 years now, and probably use them more than most,
They are still filtering water, I'd say that was value for money, and I don't mind waiting a few mins to get the clean water
Although as April said, I've always got half a litre ready to drink   :)


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Re: sawyer mini flow rate
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I think a lot of the problems people have with their Sawyer Minis are caused by careless use...It only takes one filtering session with water that is heavily filled with sediment and you can knacker your Mini forever.  The reason is the incredibly tiny pores inside the Mini (0.1 micron)...It doesn't take much to block them up.  And secondly because there is no pre-filter to reduce this sediment before it gets to the Mini.  Back-flushing may not be enough to get rid of clay particles because they are very sticky, and once in the Mini they are very hard to budge.  But there is something that can done to prevent them getting to the Mini in the first place...Make a pre-filter.  I have just made a prototype pre-filter that also contains activated charcoal to take out sediment and toxins in the water, that the Mini cannot remove, and to improve the taste of filtered the water too.  It is simple, compact, lightweight and very cheap to make.  My prototype is made from about 100mm of 22mm diameter, clear but green tinted, flexible silicon aquarium tubing, with the cut off threaded tops off two PET bottles, glued onto each end using silicon sealant.  I have ordered one of Sawyers female to female thread adapters (which is currently in the post) which when screwed on one end allows the Sawyer dirty water squeezy bottle to screw on one end, whilst the other end screws straight onto the Mini.  Sedement filtering is provided by two removable cotton wool balls, one at either end of the tube, and these also hold in the activated charcoal granuals, in the middle section. The activated charcoal should last about a month (going by my experience of using Brita filters) and the cotton wool balls can either be removed and replaced as soon as they look to dirty to filter any more, or even rinsed and reused in the field if you don't have replacements available.  My prototype weighs 33 grams when dry (5g lighter than the Mini).  Here is a picture of my prototype, minus the Sawyer female to female thread adapter (which is still on it's way): and here it is screwed onto the Mini: