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Hugh Jarse

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Hello from Downunder
« on: 09:24:42, 06/02/18 »
Hello Guys from Australia

Have joined up because I am spending more time walking the UK now in so many different places.
I am retired now but a very fit 60 year old, i just love the outdoors and the UK was where i grew up and spent the first 30 years of my life.

I walked the C2C last year 2017, and will come back this year and do it all again followed by Offas Dyke and maybe another in my 2/3 month stay. O0

I do have one question though, are walkers in the UK used to being quoted 22.5 pounds for a one night stay on a pitch with the smallest tent imaginable, thats $50 here and ludicrous as i see it.

Anyway i hope i can glean heaps of info from joining likeminded people, looking forward to the latter years.

Hughie. ;D



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Re: Hello from Downunder
« Reply #1 on: 11:51:59, 06/02/18 »
In my experience the most I have paid for a night, except for a notable few exceptions, (I stiil gnash my teeth thinking about them), is up to 10. You will always come across sites that are rip offs, difficult to know where they are if like me you dont make an effort to check in advance. As I've experienced it the most expensive sites for one man tent campers tend to be in the South of the UK, other Forum members might disagree?

In France I have paid the equuvelant of 3.50 more than once, I especially like the Municiple sites, great idea. But even here you will always come across the high chargers, I find they are often the sites where static campers tend to congregate.

If you can, do a bit of wild camping to lesson the overall cost and try hitchiking when needed, that saves money as well. Railways in this country are not cheap.

Thats what I'm planning to do more and more.


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Re: Hello from Downunder
« Reply #2 on: 11:57:31, 06/02/18 »
Welcome to the forum!

Its a while since I was a regular camper so others will have a better idea than me, noweverdays I only camp in Cornwall (so a tourist hot spot). There prices vary wildly depending on the site resources.
Some that are basically a field with a basic showerblock and drying room I've paid <10 a night in mid summer.
Others that are more set up for family caravanning - so tent size is irrelevant you get the same size pitch whatever and all have a hookup. With a childrens playarea and stone fired pizza restaurant (i.e. campsites I avoid) I know charge 25+ per night.