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« on: 19:56:16, 08/02/18 »
Wait for weeks to get to the Lakes and then the forecast is bad. Really don't want  another no viz ,battle against elements  walk. Anyone out on Sunday ??, any ideas on best place for predicted  forecast where it may be half decent in the Lakes ( not the pub!!) I know different localities offer different conditions


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Re: Weather!!
« Reply #1 on: 09:13:05, 09/02/18 »
Hi Davon,

Yes I agree the forecast isn't a good one for this weekend.  Sunday is a possible and it would be Keswick area as that seems to be the best forecast at the moment.



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Re: Weather!!
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Funny how the weather has also become part of our on screen entertainment culture. When I were a lad we had weather! It was warm or hot in the summer, cool in the autumn and cold, plus snow in the winter, and of course it rained sometimes. Very routine, it went on year after year, some were good years, some were bad but it was part of our normal life cycle.

Now, weather is there to entertain us, to feel good, to feel depressed, to feel scared, in fact often I feel smothered by the flipping weather and the 'personalities' who spout on and on about it. Now we have news stories about weather graphics, people are upset, being driven to depression, bad temperedness, breakdown in marriages, etc, its all the BBC's fault!!!! Who will sue them first?

Bah humbug!

Lakeland Lorry

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Re: Weather!!
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It's glorious up here today.   Pity I'm stuck at work though.

Have a look at the George Fisher Webcam: