Author Topic: 32 years old and just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the big toe.  (Read 452 times)


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Wow Jon, that is the most down to earth and positive medical blog I have ever read. Can only be helpful and confidence boosting to anyone (me) who becoming worried about 'big toe joint' pains. Thank you
Thanks Jac, sorry to hear this is a problem for you also, but remember there is always a solution, donít put up with pain indefinitely. I only hope the original poster comes back to the thread and reads my blog.

It was a long road through the NHS and took two years to get the op, but they did a superb job of my toe joint.

Itís almost two years since the operation and my toe feels absolutely normal, I donít even think about my toe when Iím out walking now, very happy with the results  O0

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I've got arthritis of the big toe joint. I bent my toe down really hard at judo, it went black and then the arthritis started. Must have been about 5 years ago and it's swollen up and makes buying boots a complete nightmare. Anything that pushes on it even slightly goes from comfortable to medieval-level torture over an hours or so. I must have tried every flipping boot in the UK. I even worse sandals in the snow last year cos I couldn't find anything.

But on the upside, now I've found some boots that work better I can actually handle it and it hasn't stopped me walking.