Author Topic: Check Those Batteries!  (Read 1844 times)


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Re: Check Those Batteries!
« Reply #15 on: 18:28:51, 03/04/18 »
Don't feel bad ninthace.  I too have a plastic box with an assortment of spare batteries in which go with me when I go camping.  Apart from a portable "anker-type" battery charger for my phone, I'm a copper coloured top sort of gal all the way  ;D

Thanks for the reminder to have a good sort out of my camping gear though, ready for the new season and all that (though judging by the fields round me at the moment, a boat may be more appropriate  :(  )

No expense spared in pursuit of a bargain ;)


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Re: Check Those Batteries!
« Reply #16 on: 19:32:53, 03/04/18 »
Like that idea.
Am I right in assuming  that it is just a USB lead that you plug into your charger or power pack?
Tempted to make one out of an old USB lead and some fridge magnets and see what happens.....
Need to be sure of polarity though

Yes, it plugs into a power bank. I carry a power bank to charge my phone and e-cig so this would save me carrying spare batteries for torch and head torch. This is in no way a 'game changer' but would mean I would have more choice of torches as I wouldn't try to stick with one type of battery for each plus spares. Like I say no game changer it would just give me more choice to what I choose to buy as I like to standardise my batteries.


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Re: Check Those Batteries!
« Reply #17 on: 19:38:43, 03/04/18 »
I feel inadequate in the face of all this technology.  All my zip lock bag has is 2xAA and 4xAAA  Duracell batteries  :-\ .

If it works for you then it's all good, we should all walk our own walk.

alan de enfield

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Re: Check Those Batteries!
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[size=78%]One thing I do also have is a portable power pack. Handy (if you do have access to 12v or mains for charging). Though you can get some power from them before discharge. If you get the right connections, they very good as a back up. My one (50,000 Mah), even has a LED torch built in! [/size]

I have just spent about half-an-hour typing all the tests and justifications, explanations and attaching a series of photos for it to say 'too large' and then its disappeared.

So here is a very brief version :

Is yours the 'solar charging' version ?
Basically your 50,000Mah power bank is probably 4Ah.
50,000Mah is the same as saying 50Ah, A typical car battery is 50-80Ah.
there is no way that these little power packs are 50Ah.
I have done a lot of tests with mine and it is actually 4Ah.
You can test your own. Take a known load and see how long it runs from a fully charged power-pack.
Mine did 14 hours 5 minutes running a 300Mw load, which equals 4.2Ah

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Re: Check Those Batteries!
« Reply #19 on: 21:28:43, 03/04/18 »
Beefy. I have a good excuse as I have Aadtimers.
I have a power bank, spare camera battery, spare drone battery, spare phone, tablet, go pro battery, need multiple leads, easy to forget one  :D

He's getting old n forgetful  ;D :P
Bog off pleb  :(
I may have 10 years on you but ya still can' keep up with me  ;D


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Re: Check Those Batteries!
« Reply #20 on: 23:05:46, 04/04/18 »
Make sure you bring the lead for your device too and not just the power bank.

aimed @ beefy  :D

I have an Advent battery pack, that fits all of my devices including my head torch via micro USB.  It lives in a Hermit shell case, along with the lead, so no chance to forget the lead.

I did forget the GPS/phone completely on Sunday though.  :-[   I had the battery pack and lead.  ;D

Just as well I had Sylvia with me and had printed the route on a sheet of laminated A4 as usual.  Batteries not required.  ;)