Author Topic: Hello to all fellow hikers young & older than young!!  (Read 1245 times)


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Greetings everyone,

My name is Gareth, Iím 47yrs old and only recently started to enjoy hiking and trekking around the UK.

Iíve already tackled Mount Snowdon Aug 2017, my first big mountain & I was delighted to reach the top in 3hrs. Being passed by 9 & 10 yr old kids after just 1.5hrs going UP Snowdon as they were coming DOWN! only made me more determined, thanks to whose ever kids they were.

Iíve also attempted Scarfel Pike Oct 2017 but Mother Nature hit back at us with torrential rain. Making second attempt in July 2018. Also have plans to take on Ben Nevis & would love to take in some glorious scenery up on the Isle of Skye, nice week away for that trip, most likely in 2019.

The main reason for joining this forum is to see if there are any adventurous hikers amongst you who would like to take on, ďAn Adventure of a LifetimeĒ & journey with me and possibly one or two friends, to take on The Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, Asia in late Feb - Mid March 2021 (which happens to coincide with my 50th), which is why I wish to celebrate it in some style. Initial costs per person are looking at around £1,500 - £1,750 all in for around 21 days (Int flights, Visas, Health Insurance, Hotels, Teahouse accommodation, internal travel costs, personal expenses). Full intinery will be available upon email request to give you an idea of what my initial plans are aimed at. Approximately 14 out of 21 days will be hiking, 2 days International flights & 5 days spare for flexibility in travel at the start, during and at the end.

I cannot post this in the International section as Iím just a newbie here, but surely I can ask you guys who read this to spread the word please & see if there are many who wish to take on this physical but wonderful challenge.

Please message me here if you are interested.
Happy hiking everyone,



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Re: Hello to all fellow hikers young & older than young!!
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Welcome from North Warwickshire!
I know well the feeling you describe of walking up a mountain trail, thinking you're doing well, then being passed at speed by those far older or children ... dosent take away from what you're doing though - just wish them good luck and as Dori says 'keep on swimming'