Author Topic: Solo walking the Pennine Way  (Read 3328 times)


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Re: Solo walking the Pennine Way
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My best memory was a young woman who I met who claimed that she had little or no fear of being molested because the people that she had already met were too exhausted and unfit even to try. I still advised her to be careful.

Have you noticed how many woman 'revenge' films there are at the moment.

I've watched two in the last fortnight, the first is 'Revenge' filmed in the USA and 'Hunting Emma' filmed in South Africa. I thought both were good enough to watch, very nice photography, desert landscapes. The violence was a bit graphic and stylised.


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Re: Solo walking the Pennine Way
« Reply #16 on: 10:22:35, 04/06/18 »
Hi everyone

Thank you all so much for your detailed replies. I am starting again tomorrow from Gargrave. Really looking forward to it.

I will take some breakfast and emergency food and hopefully eat in pubs and cafe's where I can.

I have the route logged onto my Garmin so hopefully I won't get lost, even if I'm in cloud and drizzle.

Happy walking everyone