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Re: Walk clashes
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The charity organisers need to be educated to realise they cannot monopolise a path in this way.Dartmoor does have big events like the 10 Tors, but the groups are given many different routes to follow so that they remain spread out.Cycling events occasionally monopolise the roads, but these are rare - and occasionally there is a German tour bus that wants to sit in the middle of the road, but the locals have a habit of making them wait, and I think they get the message.


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Re: Walk clashes
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I've had this quite a few times. Now whenever I go walking I check as many websites as I can for the date in case there's some bloody ultramarathon going on.
I did start a thread a month or two back so I could have a good moan about how many of these events there are these days - hundreds of the damned things. Earlier this year I checked the event diaries for Pen Y Fan and there was only 1 weekend in the month without an event. Personally I think it's got silly but most people seem to disagree.

Totally ruins the walk if you're stuck on the trail with them like I was on the Ridgeway....twice due to me forgetting to check. Hundreds of people wanting to get past, all wanting to say hello. I seemed to spend 2 days solid just weaving out their way and trying not to catch their eye. I did however make use of their hydration stop to dilute my rum with their cola - gotta get something out of it.

I do resent the way companies will monopolise a public trail for their private profit although I do appreciate people really seem to enjoy doing these things en masse