Author Topic: A couple of questions about the West Highland Way.  (Read 1461 times)

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Re: A couple of questions about the West Highland Way.
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If you are concerned just get a permit. The campsite at Sallochy has a good toilet block near it in the car park where you can fill water bottles. There is also a youth hostel nearby. When I did it, I just walked all the way through in a day to avoid any issues.

I did look into the permits, but unfortunately they need to be booked online in advance and for a specific date, and as we cannot be sure by which date we will end up reaching the Loch booking is a bit iffy (We want to take our time to enjoy the trails, and do not want to find our selves rushing beyond our ability to reach the permit zone in time). 

Regarding camping at Loch Lomond, see this site:

That is perfect!  I may have to take a printout along with me.

You could just keep going once you get to Kirk Yetholm - all the way to Cape Wrath.

Now that would be some walk!

Funnily enough we did consider doing the Scottish National trail, unfortunately we will only have 4 weeks before we need to be back home (I start a new job next month) and I think doing both the PW and SNT back to back in 4 weeks would have been a bit over ambitious for us (We worked it out that we would need to complete around 28 miles a day), we would much rather take our time and enjoy the trails at our own pace.