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C2C - Confused
« on: 17:35:51, 09/06/18 »

so im reviewing the plan and stages etc

Day 1 we are doing St Bees to Ennderdale which is about 13 Miles
another member of the group confirmed that they have book YHA Ennderdale - checking the map this seems quite a distance from Ennerdal Bridge
am I correct and if so can anyone tell me how much further ?


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Re: C2C - Confused
« Reply #1 on: 18:05:13, 09/06/18 »
Yes it is, about 5 miles
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Re: C2C - Confused
« Reply #2 on: 18:27:30, 09/06/18 »
About 2.5 hours further.. doable in a day but probably best going around the north side of the lake if you do. It is a Flatter finish to the day


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Re: C2C - Confused
« Reply #3 on: 19:13:55, 09/06/18 »
As has been said, Ennerdale YHA is about 5-6 miles from Ennerdale Bridge but it's a flat road then track round Ennerdale Water on the North side so it's quick walking. Taking the South side path is rather more rugged and time consuming and I personally preferred the views from the North Side.

When you reach Ennerdale Bridge, pop into one of the pubs for a short break and a refreshment before moving on  O0
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Re: C2C - Confused
« Reply #4 on: 15:04:09, 11/06/18 »
I find the South side path much more interesting  than the North side. The only incline is across Anglers Crag, a very minor scramble, over in just a few minutes but adds interest to the original route. Ive done the North side several times it is a wide boring track which the South side joins after around 4 miles.