Author Topic: Dartmoor wild camp route  (Read 459 times)


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Dartmoor wild camp route
« on: 19:58:21, 19/06/18 »
Hi there my wife and I hope to take our two children (aged 12 and 10) on our first wild camp trip during the summer in Dartmoor. We would like suggestions for a 2 day (one overnight) circular walk starting from the South/South East area of Dartmoor - Ivy Bridge/South Brent/ Shipley Bridge/Buckfastleigh way. Ideally we would love to walk for 4-5 hours on the first day and then perhaps similar or slightly shorter on the way back, with an idea of wild camp spot. Any ideas/suggestions/tips would be much appreciated. Thanks


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Re: Dartmoor wild camp route
« Reply #1 on: 08:10:57, 20/06/18 »
Is the place to start, there are quite a few very wet areas around there, if you can go as far as Hexworthy or Princetown or closer, Shaugh Prior or Meavy you can get a meal


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Re: Dartmoor wild camp route
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Chalk Ford is a lovely spot for a camp. Walk fro South Brent - Lutton -Didworthy - Shipley Bridge -Avon Dam - Lud gate - Chalk FordReturn via Hickaton Hill - Crossways - Three Barrows - Ball Gate - Aish