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Problem with boots.
« on: 01:12:40, 25/06/18 »
Don't know if anyone can advise or has the same problem. I have had a pair of Brasher Hillmasters for quite a while now, the problem being that after a few miles of walking, the sole of my foot gets uncomfortably sore at around where my toes join my foot. I have been putting up with it so far. Anyway, a while ago I decided i needed new boots so ended up with a new pair of Hillmasters. I very quickly developed blisters with these new boots in the aforementioned area of my feet. Upon examination of the boots, the curve of the sole on the new ones was noticeably greater than on the old. This leads me to think the curve of the sole is the culprit. To add to this, as an experiment I walked one of my regular routes in my walking shoes that have only a slight curve to the sole, and there was a great improvement, there being little if any discomfort.

Does anyone know of walking boots or shoes with no or minimal curve to the sole?


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Re: Problem with boots.
« Reply #1 on: 08:50:14, 25/06/18 »
I had a similar problem with my Hillmasters. I have replaced the footbeds with  slightly thicker, more spongy Merrill ones, cut to size using the originals a template. This has solved the problem.
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Re: Problem with boots.
« Reply #2 on: 09:20:04, 25/06/18 »
Your sock choice can also pay a big factor. I find a liner sock with a good walking sock works for me albeit use a different brand of boot.