Author Topic: Six moon designs tent  (Read 1176 times)


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Re: Six moon designs tent
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Sorry Neil!! :)


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Re: Six moon designs tent
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Some modern double skin tents are so light nowadays that I just don't see the point in making do with a single skinned tent just to save a couple of hundred grams. And some double skins can be used fly only if conditions suit (Terra Nova Laser range, for example); best of both worlds!

Ah...but was it "no-see-um" mesh?!  ;D
;D ;D ;D


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Re: Six moon designs tent
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 :)  Many thanks every body for your Input and advice .
It's very unlikely that I will be considering a Six moon design tent.
Due to All the very good Information collated .
 ::) :-[
Methinks I will lose more from my backpack and drop kilo or so ,
Rather than paying a lot of money and taking a chance
So cheers all.
 ;) :o