Author Topic: Signs that made me chuckle  (Read 1621 times)


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Re: Signs that made me chuckle
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I did a 6 mile walk around Belbroughton village today. It took a half hour longer than expected as there were around 6 of these signs which I studiously read....l

The sign is a fake as these are the correct rules regarding dogs on Public Rights of Way.
A dog does not have to be on a lead.

Dos and Don'ts of Public Rights of Way

DosThis public right of way is meant for pedestrians only. You are allowed to walk your dog as long as it is under your close control. When walking a dog, you must ensure that it keeps to the public footpath and does not trespass into nearby properties. Prams, pushchair or wheelchairs can also be used on a footpath.

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Re: Signs that made me chuckle
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Don't hear much of Bill Stickers these days :( perhaps he got posted
Bill Withers .... at the sight of all those signs  :o
Now what was it he used to sing ........ I recall it finished with the longest note (ever recorded).
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