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Re: aggressive cows
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The motto is always always be cautious as you never know.

I totally agree with this. I have been walking a lot of years. (Well I can get my works pension early next year if I want to so I am quite old :o) I have had a few problems with cows and bulls over the years but thankfully never been injured, I hope you have recovered Murphy. About 20 years ago I was in the Cheviots walking down Copper Snout. I saw cattle about half a mile away and had no concerns at all until I saw one was thundering across the moorland toward me. I had nowhere to go as it was open land, no fence to jump over. I held up my hand when it got closer and said "you're alright, you're alright, you're alright" thinking these would be my last words when it knocked me off my feet. It slowed to a walk and followed me for a while when I carried on walking (with jelly legs) then it stopped and I carried on without it following. Another time I was walking on the Hadrians Wall path near Thirlwall and a bull came charging toward me. I hadn't seen it so it couldn't have been anything I had done to make it charge at me, except dare to walk on the path. Luckily a farmer was on a quad bike, saw what was happening and drove toward the bull and stopped it from coming any closer. There have been a few other incidents with cattle that I won't bore you with. 95% of the time I've had no bother at all with cattle, it is the other 5% that makes you cautious. I always watch any cattle first and see how they are behaving. If they look chilled I proceed and try to give them a wide birth, don't walk in between a calf and the mother. If they are looking a bit boisterous, charging about, I would avoid going into the field they were in.
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