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Re: Battery bank for mobile
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Lots of goods info on here. I kept looking at solar chargers but just got confused and gave up. I've got a Tecknet charger off Ebay. It's capacity is 7000mAh; imput 5v, 1A and it's two outputs the same. Still don't know what it all means but if I read some of the posts, especially from Ade E, they'll give me a good idea.As it is, it'll charge my phone around 3-4 times before it needs recharging. It's pretty good weight wise (3oz or so) and is approx 2"x 4" x 1/2", it's fine for up to a week.The Tecknet's been very dependable and, as I say, I've had it around 4-5 years but the idea of a solar one still sounds a good one.


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Re: Battery bank for mobile
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I have a couple of anker batteries - one small one that I always carry and a bigger one that mostly lives in my car but I also use for longer walks, this is particularly useful as it has a gague showing how full it is.
Couldnt be happier with them both