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Summer boots?
« on: 11:09:17, 09/07/18 »
Hi Folks,

I'm wondering if I can gather opinions on whether it makes sense to look for lighter boots for summer wild-camping adventures that I do. 

I have the same pair of wonderful leather Zamberlans for the last 9 years which have been loved, well looked after and give me all that I want....mostly.  In the summer I go wild camping so that I can be in great locations for sunrise/sunset photos.  Usually, this is in Snowdonia and occasionally the Peak District.  I generally stay on path, don't do scrambles but of course there's muddy, boggy ground and rocks as well.  I've lightened up my camping kit so that I can carry my heavy photography kit, and in total I'm lugging around 16 Kg.  That's around 25% my body weight and lug it round in a Lowe Cerro Torre rucksack, which is supposed to be OK for upto 25 Kg and had it properly fitted.  I'm late 40's and fit (runner).  Those lovely Zamberlan boots come in at just under 800g each.

I'm tempted by getting some lighter boots for the summer wild camping jaunts.  I wonder if reducing that weight would make a significant difference? 

When it comes to lightweight, is there a boot that offers stability, support and traction?  Been looking at so many I'm getting all confused.  I'd prefer a midcut with gore-tex.  Suggestions anyone?  Looked at Salomon X Ultra, Haglofs Observe/Strive, Addidas Terrex etc. etc.




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Re: Summer boots?
« Reply #1 on: 15:10:24, 09/07/18 »
I have just ordered some meindl desert fox from eBay as a test and will sell on if I don't like them, but ill let u know what I think when they arrive. My friend just did the Ridgeway path in them, camping all the way. He said they remained cool, withstood a bit of mud and wet despite being far from waterproof and were comfy. His first day was 17 miles carrying 26kg so quite a test.

Salamon and Adidas are very narrow. I've had some Terrex low and they were just too narrow, but brilliant grip and construction.

I think some of the more modern gtx types are more breathable especially with breathable fabrics.

Thats about all I know.


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Re: Summer boots?
« Reply #2 on: 17:34:18, 09/07/18 »
I just bought a cheap pair of Decathlon 'waterproof' boots for strolls around my local area. 40, they are very comfortable and I think well made. For me its always the 'waterproof' issue that bothers me most, rain is one thing but as I've always said, the most likely time for me to get wet feet is very wet grass first thing in the morning. I always am up at dawn so I take the full brunt of it, if I started hiking at 9 or later, by then the dew would have dried a bit.


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Re: Summer boots?
« Reply #3 on: 21:02:27, 09/07/18 »
I love decathlon. I think their stuff is some of the best value around.
What ones did u get?