Author Topic: 100,000 step challenge on fitbit  (Read 573 times)


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100,000 step challenge on fitbit
« on: 11:54:34, 10/07/18 »

So a month ago i walked from Leicester to Nottingham along the canals & river to the tune of 39 miles, and found it quite easy.  And i rolled over more than 90,000 steps on the fitbit.  Indeed earning multiple badges for my efforts (75k, 80k & finally 90k)

Strava/activities/1598325922 ignore the fact that strava didn't track between Leicester & Syston, i've had stern words about this with the strava team.  3 times strava has not tracked in this location, and they blame my phone, and not the surroundings.

Anyway, it got me curious to see if there was another challenge beyond the 90k, and sure enough there was the 100k challenge.  Well i had to give that a shot.

So i did, and paid a heavy price for it, left big toenail black, and no feeling in it.  Doctors eye's bulged out of her head when i told her what i did....

out of this route, i walked at least 30 miles before i stopped for a break, and the last 10 miles were a big struggle, a zombie could've out paced me.

But it's done now, never to be repeated


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Re: 100,000 step challenge on fitbit
« Reply #1 on: 14:29:38, 10/07/18 »
Go on! Repeat it, but at a more leisurely pace. You know you want to.

If toenail went black it is almost certain because your well fitting day boots are not the correct fit for a long walk, toes banging the front of the boot constantly over a few miles may forgive you but usually over a distance such as you did they certainly will not. I , as have many others on this forum, speak from bitter beginners experience.
Too little, too late, too bad......


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Re: 100,000 step challenge on fitbit
« Reply #2 on: 21:04:50, 10/07/18 »
Not bloody likely. That took me from 0430-2230. And I did it in trainers. Hence why I have another thread asking for shoe advice  :)


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Re: 100,000 step challenge on fitbit
« Reply #3 on: 20:16:24, 12/07/18 »
I'm sure that I saw a sign in Tesco asking people to walk a million steps by Sept. this year, then again I may have mis read it.