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Dyffryn Ardudwy

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Well i can report that the jacket is indeed breathable, the material is almost similar to my OMM Kamlika jacket.
Ive worn nylon shell jackets with their very shiny interior membrane, and yes you do sweat buckets in such clothing when the outside humidity is high, but the Highlander jacket has similar properties to pertex, even though the material used is not as fine a weave as pertex.
I was caught in very heavy rain yesterday, for nearly half an hour, and this 20 bit of kit kept me dry, and free of internal moisture.

No doubt had i been walking at a very fast pace, the perspiration would have started to develop inside the jacket, but that can be said for most jackets.

Highlander have produced a very nice bit of kit, for a bargain price.

I am sure the jacket will not stand serious punishment like a full blown Goretex or similar priced coat, but for something so cheap and affordable, it will certainly last several years of constant use, and heaven forbid, if it gets lost or damaged, its not the end of the world.
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Well when you do a proper walk good luck. I wouldn't want to be wearing a nylon shell under normal wet walking conditions  ;)
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As the OP, just wanted gently to steer the posts back to my original question: what's a suitable jacket for a hot climate (Greece) and as a standby in UK? 


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If it's hot then all shells are pretty sweaty but if it were me I'd get the most breathable shell material possible like Neoshell. Not only is it breathable but it's slightly air permeable too which should help in warm conditions.

Unless you're an ultralight backpacker I would worry too much about packability as most are packable enough anyway. And if you go too light then the thin fabric tends to plaster against you when wet and windy which isn't as nice as a more robust material holding itself away from your skin.

And I'd get something with good venting options like out zips and two way front zips etc.


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Berghaus cape wrath? Its got goretex active which is more breathable and light than normal gtx. Pricey tho


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I think you'd need to think a bit more about the use you were going to put it to in GB. We dont usually get long periods of hot weather, though we've been lucky this year. If it was for similar hot conditions you experience in Greece and you weren't intending to be doing long walks in it, then basically any light waterproof with some breathability should do you. It depends on how long you thought you might need to wear it and what you were doing.
But if you were intending staying any length of time in GB then a decent waterproof might suit might be the one to go for.  So you can pay a lot of money out and get a good allrounder, or from what DA has written, it might be worth getting one of those Highlander jackets. I think I'll be giving one a try out.