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A new boy-be gentle
« on: 18:16:07, 10/07/06 »
Hi There

I am looking for some guidance please on walking.

My wife and i take local walks in Southport which is very flat but we walk at a reasonably fast pace for medicinal purposes.
That is not to say we are ill, the opposite and thats why we step it out.

Last week we had a lovely day in the Lakes when we parked at Elterwater, crossed the road over the hill/mountain/crag??,I am no judge.

We walked to Grasmere, then to Ambleside, then got lost but eventually found our way back to car.

Our choice of a walk would be, lovely country, streams, rivers, lakes,some forests and nowhere further than 1.5 hrs from Southport unless of course we stayed the night somewhere.

Can anyone come up with some suggestions please, I have been online doing a google on Lake District but the amount of info is vast.

I become an OAP next week and my child bride is 63.


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Re: A new boy-be gentle
« Reply #1 on: 22:20:00, 14/08/06 »
I'd say some 'classic' walks in the southern half of the Lakes (in order of difficulty) are as follows:

Circular walk around the southern edge of Grasmere Lake, then up the track on the east side to Rose Cottage where Wordsworth lived.

Circular walk over the moors from Troutbeck to Ambleside and back.

A good high level walk without doing too much climbing, is to park near the top of Wrynose pass (on the grass) and follow the footpath to Crinkle Crags and back. Include Bow Fell if you're feeling energetic.

The Old Man from Coniston.

Anyone got any more suggestions?


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Re: A new boy-be gentle
« Reply #2 on: 09:20:37, 03/09/06 »
Hi Chris

I have only just got your reply as I have stopped using Hotmail and use Googlemail instead, I will alter my details after this.

is this not a very active site, as I see your reply (which I thank you for) is a month after my posting?

The wal;k you describe is the one we did.

We parked at Elterwater, went over the crags, ended up in Grasmere, walked to Ambleside, then back to base.

Dont know how far that was but for a first time, we were bushed.